Collaborating with partners to serve healthier and fuller lives 

This page is meant only for suppliers of Consumer Healthcare that are served by CHC Global Business Services (GBS). For other countries or other businesses of Sanofi, please visit

Working with Sanofi Consumer Healthcare

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About Global Business Services

We strive to improve our finance operations to further empower the business to focus on innovative ideas for growth and core activities. As well as ensure the next-level partnership with diverse Suppliers and Service Providers through digital driven experience.

With our supplier partners, we are committed to collectively become more competitive and agile to help consumers live healthier and fuller lives.

Hello LEO

Find out how we make working with us easier: free End-to-End Suppliers’ Portal, digital POs, better control of Suppliers’ data and onboarding, faster invoicing and much more.

Keep it simple

User experience is not an add-on feature, but a necessity.   Because, when we simplify processes and improve their efficiency, it’s a win-win for both our supplier partners and us. LEO is designed to keep it simple.

Suppliers Diversity

At GBS, we want our supplier base to reflect the diversity of our customers. Through LEO our aim is to create a level-playing field that ensures diversified representation of the supplier community.

Doing right

Sustainability and ethics are non-negotiable elements in day-to-day business operations. We commit to doing the right thing, and we expect the same from our partners.

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